Opera in Daily Life: Don Juan in Hankey, PA

Don Juan in Hankey is a novel about an opera company, which is preparing a new production of Don Giovanni, about the acts and the thoughts of all the people involved. It is a wonderful story. The plot you must read yourself.

It reads as a satire, but with serious nuances. There is a lot to laugh about, as always, about the protagonists and about you, if you recognize yourself in one or more of the characters. It was difficult for me to stop reading, because of the many cliffhangers. I was curious each chapter, each page, sometimes each sentence, to the next event.


The description of the acts and the emotions of the characters is especially bright. I had the feeling as if I was there myself.

What makes this novel so special, that are the many levels to discover and enjoy, as in every good novel.

There is the story about the lives of the principal characters.
The story about the opera company, which is creating a new production and trying to overcome all the problems, recalls the difficulties of teamwork.
In the communication between the protagonists, you can hear them thinking, anticipating, preparing their responses to the other members of the Guild. It is a way of communication in our modern times. Be careful for the feelings of others in what you say and be willing to soften you words.

It is also a story about the essence of human life, of the energy of human beings, of getting up after a setback, of optimism.

The ‘colors of the language’, a good story can be like a painting, remind me of the bright colors of modern city life.

The storyline and the way of telling remind me of the opera Don Giovanni, with its many scenes and its lively phrases.

Above all, the ‘music of the language’, language can have a musical quality, is like the music of Mozart and Don Giovanni, lively and bright.

It was a great pleasure to read this musical novel. I think it will be for all members of opera companies, opera singers and opera lovers, and for all lovers of a novel about modern life. Recommended!

Don Juan in Hankey, PA

About A M Zénon

I love all great art and music and literature.
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2 Responses to Opera in Daily Life: Don Juan in Hankey, PA

  1. Gale says:

    Thank you for posting this review on your blog. I just caught it doing a search. I am going to link to it on my website at galemartin.me. Merci beaucoup for the kind words.

  2. A M Zénon says:

    Thank you, Gale. I smile and laugh each time, that I read your novel. I love the story. But, above all, its way of telling reminds me of the music of Mozart’s great opera Don Giovanni.

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