In a Classical Mood.

Mozart PS 6

I’m always listening to classical music or opera in a certain mood. Or I listen to a composer for days. Always playlists in my head and piles of CD’s next to me. Not the usual playlists. More like Lifelong Love, Nostalgia, Curiosity, and so on. I’ll try to made them public. Starting slowly. With additions and extensions in the course of time. And references to CD’s, DVD’s, Spotify, YouTube, books, even performances from the past. Maybe some explanation, reasons, feelings.

However, be warned. I’m not very disciplined at sitting down and writing. I rather listen to music. If you write, you can’t listen. Instead of 1 hour writing a day, you can listen to about 3000 Lieder, 600 pieces of chamber music, 300 symphonies or 100 operas a year. 

I’ll try to show links to CD’s and DVD’s  and to Amazon and YouTube.

About A M Zénon

Wandering in Multi Universes of Mind and Life
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