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‘Wie alles war, weiss ich; wie alles wird, wie alles sein wird, seh’ ich auch’ ‘Höre! Höre! Höre! Alles, was ist, endet.’ ‘Mein Schlaf ist Träumen. mein Träumen Sinnen, mein Sinnen Walten des Wissens.’ From Wagner Rheingold and Siegfried Erda … Continue reading

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In a Classical Mood.

I’m always listening to classical music or opera in a certain mood. Or I listen to a composer for days. Always playlists in my head and piles of CD’s next to me. Not the usual playlists. More like Lifelong Love, … Continue reading

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Opera in Daily Life: Don Juan in Hankey, PA

Don Juan in Hankey is a novel about an opera company, which is preparing a new production of Don Giovanni, about the acts and the thoughts of all the people involved. It is a wonderful story. The plot you must … Continue reading

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Thomas Hampson as Doktor Faust

Recently I listened to Ferruccio Busoni Doktor Faust. The opera was waiting on my recorder. Mezzo.tv broadcasted it nearly 2 years ago. The performance was by Opernhaus Zürich from 2006. Thomas Hampson as Doktor Faust impressed me greatly. I immediately bought the … Continue reading

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